comment from post 5

| November 28, 2016

In order to plan an educational activity, clear and measurable learning objectives must be set in place to begin. Learning objectives are created using set of action verbs that clearly define what specific behaviors need to be measured and the patient is willing to perform those objectives. Learning objectives are measurable if the patient is clearly able to complete the task at hand. While designing educational programs the use of action verbs such as “discuss, describe, explain or give examples” allows opportunities for the patients as well as their families to engage in the discussion encourages them to participate (New Hampshire Nurses Association, n.d.).

A well-defined learning objectives outlines the entire education project at hand. The health belief model can also be incorporated while providers design the educational programs that articulate objectives that engage both the patient as well as their families. Assessing the audience’s needs, their willingness to learn and their prior knowledge on the topic can better set learning objectives to their needs as those the designed keeping the patient and the families in mind.

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