| November 29, 2016

High reliability organizations have five practices that make up the foundation of the system to improve quality and help prevent errors from occurring. The nurse plays an important role in all five steps. First is the nurse needs to have confidence in her ability to sense when something is not right. Second is, the nurse needs be in the position to work with the healthcare team members to complete a thorough investigation into the error that occurs. Situational awareness is the third step in this process, the nurse is the middle person in her role in the healthcare team and has knowledge of everyone else’s role so they can oversee where the error occurred. The next step is resilience; the nurse needs to bounce back quickly after an error has occurred. The fifth and final step is respect for each member of the healthcare team and respect for their different expertise and knowledge (Friberg, E., Creasia, J. 2016, page 346). This is a great process to come together as a healthcare team with mutual respect for the betterment of the patients and future team members.

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