comment from post 2

| November 29, 2016

Model is one of the assessment tools the nurse can use in order to provide the

most successful plan to assist the patient in making life long changes. The nurse can use this model by exploring the

patient’s ideas about change and their current lifestyle. The nurse will look

into all aspects of the how the patient feels about life to determine where in

the patient’s own life paradigm their health beliefs reside. Further the nurse

should assess how important health is to the patient. The nurse will assess how the patient thinks

their problem will affect them as well as what the problem currently or

potentially impedes for the patient related to their goals and life plans. The nurse will determine if the patient has risk

factors which contribute to their problem or provide roadblocks to successfully

overcoming the problem. (Hardy, S. 2014).

I need you to comment from this post, no more than 150 words and a reference needed.

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