Clinical Depression discussions

| November 30, 2016

Need you to work on the 100 word written paragraph only/ not more than 100 words please/ thanks. After reading this weeks chapter on depression and viewing the available material, prepare a presentation for the class that you will attach to the discussion board. This presentation should depict what you believe the essence of a deep clinical depression feels like based on all that you read. For your presentation you may choose among the following formats: Picture (that you draw), PowerPoint (3 slides), Video (that you create max 1 minute), Poem (that you write), Voice (1 minute), written paragraph (100 words – attached to the DB) You must stick to the limits I have outlined above. What you choose must be precise and extremely well focused. You will only loose points for going over the limit (100 words, 3 slides, 1 minute, etc

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