Choose one clinically relevant topic area covered in this module

| September 13, 2018

Choose one clinically relevant topic area covered in this module (Alcohol Addiction, Major depressive disorder, ADHD, Anorexia Nervosa, Schizophrenia). Write 500 words identifying the psychological needs of your chosen client group (e.g. individuals diagnosed with anorexia nervosa), based of relevant research. You are then required to write a 1500 word literature review critically examining the utility / effectiveness of the psychological interventions / therapies (minimum of two) to address the needs of your client group. The first 500 words will have to clearly define the relevant client group or population, and most importantly, identify the psychological needs of the client group (has to be supported by references). The following 1500 word literature review will require you to: a) Describe the focus of the review – e.g. that you will be critically reviewing (at least) two different interventions / therapies relevant to your client (e.g. BPT & Family Therapy). b) Briefly describe the search strategy used to retrieve the research articles to be reviewed. (e.g. key terms used for search, databases used for search, range of years searched, etc.) c) Briefly outline the organisation of the literature review. – e.g. (If there is a major controversy in the literature, briefly describe it and state that you will present research supporting first one side, then the other. Or, if three different methodologies have been used to examine the effectiveness of CBT on anorexia nervosa, briefly describe them and state that you will compare the results obtained by the three methods). d) Provide a critical evaluation of five primary (original) research articles. DO NOT include meta-analyses or systemic reviews in your five chosen articles. e) Your critical evaluation must attempt to synthesize the research articles. (e.g. draw together the articles, highlighting similar and sometimes contradictory ideas, findings, etc.) You should NOT just discuss each article in turn in a ‘list’ fashion. f) Provide a brief discussion and conclusion. Draw your arguments together in relation to the utility of the two psychologically-based interventions you have discussed. Recommendations for future studies is also required. g) Include a full list of references in APA formatting. (Minimum of 20 references).

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