Choose a magazine journal or peer reviewed article to critique

| September 28, 2018

Choose a magazine, journal, or peer-reviewed article to critique on the
topic of business ethics. Use the databases within the CSU Online Library, or
use another source that contains peer-reviewed articles.
As you read the article, consider the following
questions: How could the topic of this article apply to your personal or
professional life, and how could it apply to an organization you have observed?
The article you choose must meet the following
• Be peer reviewed
• Be related to the concepts within this course
• Be at least ten pages in length
The writing assignment you submit must meet the
following requirements:
• Be at least two pages in length (not including
the cover and reference pages)
• Identify the main topic/question
• Identify the author’s intended audience
• Critique the article
• Assess how the author addresses business
ethics within the workplace
• Include your own conclusions on the topic
Remember to format this using APA style. In-Text
citation is required.

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