CHE 405 Data Analysis and Visualization Project 2015

| August 30, 2017

CHE 405
Data Analysis and Visualization Project
Dr. Grunenfelder
The statistical methods we have covered in class this semester are applicable to a variety of
problems in engineering and other fields. To emphasize this, and to provide you an
opportunity to apply what you have learned to an actual data-centric problem, your final
assignment this semester will be an application project. The goal of the project is to
demonstrate an understanding of the data analysis and presentation techniques we have
discussed this semester. This will help you to solidify your understanding of statistical
methods through the formulation and analysis of a problem of your choosing, pulling from
real data sources rather than textbook problems.
Project Overview
The project will consist of two parts. The first deliverable will be a proposal of a datacentric
problem that you would like to analyze, with a data source included. The proposal
(which I will approve prior to the start of phase 2) will count for 10% of your project grade.
The final 90% of the grade will come from the second phase of the project, the creation of
an infographic presenting an analysis of your problem of choice. The infographic must
incorporate statistical plots and calculations (i.e. hypothesis tests, confidence intervals,
plots, regression models).
You may complete the project individually, but you are encouraged to work in a team of 2
or 3 (no more than 3). No matter the size of the team, the infographic must contain 2 pieces
of analysis per person, that can take the form of a graph or calculation (hypothesis test or
confidence interval, for example).
You can use any software packages you like for both your data analysis and infographic
creation. If you use Minitab or Excel I will able to provide you with assistance should you
run into any problems. For the creation of the infographic, there are a few web-based
programs that work well (you can find a free one at”>, but PowerPoint,
Photoshop, or any other program you are comfortable with is fine.
Phase 1: Project Proposal
For phase 1 of the project you/your team will submit a written description of a problem,
from any discipline, that can be addressed through the statistical techniques we have
studied this semester (please submit one proposal per team, with all team member names
included). At this stage, do not perform any calculations or attempt to solve the problem,
simply formulate clearly what questions you plan to address in your infographic, and
describe how statistical methods can be used to help answer those questions. To have your
proposal approved, it must contain the data set you will be analyzing, and a description of
the analysis you plan to carry out. You can submit the data as a spreadsheet, or provide a
link to the source. The proposal should be no more than one typed page in length
(excluding the data set), and must be submitted by email as a word file. Upon receipt of
your proposal I will provide feedback and give you the OK to proceed with phase 2.
Proposals will be approved on a rolling basis, but the cutoff for full credit is Monday,
November 23rd by 5:00 pm.
Ideas of places to look for interesting data sets, problem ideas, and data analysis inspiration
? This blog post”>
? The journal of statistics education”>
? FiveThirtyEight .com/”>
Phase 2: Infographic
For the second portion of the project, you will carry out the proposal submitted in phase 1,
and present your results in the form of an infographic. The infographic must clearly
communicate the following:
? The context of your chosen problem, along with the particular question(s) you set
out to answer
? The mathematical approaches used to answer those questions
? Any assumptions made as part of the analysis
? An evaluation of your findings, connecting the statistical results to the context of the
? Sources for data, as well as any images you do not generate yourself (do not include
the actual raw data or the details of your calculations – just the important results)
Your infographic may be any size or shape, and should be submitted as a pdf or image file,
with sufficient resolution to allow it to be easily viewed. Design the infographic with your
CHE 405 classmates as a target audience (meaning you can assume the audience is familiar
with the material we have covered in class). One infographic should be submitted per team.
The file should be emailed to .edu”> by 5pm on December 4th.
Examples of infographics can be found in the Project folder in the Assignments section of
Due Dates (Late submissions will be docked 25% every 12 hours)
? 11/23 Proposal due (email word document to .edu”> by 5pm)
? 12/4 Infographic due (email pdf or image file to .edu”> by 5pm)

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