Chapter 6 Managing Process Improvement Projects

| February 14, 2018

11. Duration of critical path – path duration = __________?
a) Latest finish time
b) Critical time
c) Path slack
d) Latest start time

12. The amount of time a project manager estimates it will
take to complete the activity under ideal conditions is known as:
a) Pessimistic time
b) Optimistic time
c) Likeliest time
d) Utopian time

13. Which of the following statement(s) concerning
probabilities of completion is/are incorrect?
a) Using the variance of each activity, we can compute the
likelihood of completing the project in a given time period.
b) The probability of completing a path is found by
calculating the standard normal deviate of the desired completion time less the
expected completion time.
c) The distribution of a path’s completion time will be
approximately normally distributed if the path has a large number of activities
on it.
d) The individual activity completion times must be normally

14. When workers receive approval for a task based on
inflated time estimate, they may perceive that they now have plenty of time to
complete the task and therefore delay starting the task. What has this concept
been called?
a) Student syndrome
b) Inflation syndrome
c) Time-shift
d) Goldratt delay

15. According to Goldratt, to complete a project on time,
the highest priority should be given to the:
a) Critical buffer
b) Feeding chain
c) Project buffer
d) Critical chain


16. An optimal procedure for organizations to accept
projects is to specify a return on investment (ROI) and fund only projects that
meet this criterion.

17. The project life cycle typically has a stretched-s or an
exponential form.

18. Projects should be evaluated against standards and by
methods established at their completion, including procedures for monitoring,
collecting, storing, and evaluating the history of the project.

19. An event is a series of connected activities from the
start to the finish of the project.

20. The amount of flexibility the project manager has in
terms of starting and completing an activity is referred to as its slack.

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