Chapter 5 Process Improvement: Reducing Waste through Lean

| November 9, 2018

11. Pursuing perfection in lean organizations involves which
of the following tools?
a) 5S, the visual factory and kaizen
b) Six Sigma, Project management and continuous improvement
c) Poka yoke and total productive maintenance
d) Both A and C

12. The step in the 5s approach in which unnecessary steps
are eliminated is called:
a) Sort
b) Straighten (Set in order)
c) Scrub (Shine)
d) Systemize

13. The step in the 5S approach in which standardized
procedures for maintaining an orderly work environment are developed and
implemented is:
a) Sort
b) Straighten (Set in order)
c) Scrub (Shine)
d) Systemize

14. The step in the 5s approach in which the other four
steps are made a habit is:
a) Sort
b) Standardize (Sustain)
c) Scrub (Shine)
d) Systemize

15. The goal of this approach is to mistake-proof work
activities in a way that prevents errors from being committed in the first
a) Kaizen blitz
b) Poka Yoke
c) 5s
d) Six sigma

16. Which of the following is NOT a direct benefit of lean?
a) Cost savings
b) Uncovering problems
c) Improved financial investments
d) Revenue increases


17. Japanese production approaches such as JIT could not be
applied in the United States because companies do not show much respect and
loyalty to their employees.

18. A diagram where the physical flows of the parts are
mapped onto the shop floor is referred to as muda.

19. The goal of single minute exchange of die is to reduce
setup times to less than 10 minutes.

20. In traditional approaches to production, preventive
maintenance is also common.

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