Chapter 5 Process Improvement: Reducing Waste through Lean

| November 9, 2018

21. Mixed-model
assembly requires optimized production technology (OPT) for sequencing.

22. Key aspects of the theory of constraints include
identifying the bottlenecks in the process and balancing the work flows in the

23. Saving time at non-bottleneck workstations increases
total output by an average of five minutes per part per operation.

24. Lean enterprises rely on the push system, whereby
company supply drives the production process.

25. The idea behind the Kanban system is to authorize
materials for production only if there is a need for them.

26. The goal of Kaizen blitz is to mistake-proof work
activities in a way that prevents errors from being committed in the first

Short Answer

27. Repairing a machine when it breaks down, as opposed to
conducting maintenance before it is expected to fail, or at regular intervals
is also known as ______ maintenance.

28. The idea of authorizing materials for production only if
there is a need for them originated the materials management system known as

29. A measure of overall ________ ________ is calculated as
the product of equipment availability, equipment efficiency, and the rate of
quality output.

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