Chapter 2—The External Environment: Opportunities, Threats, Competition, and Competitor Analysis

| September 28, 2018

1. Explain why it is
important for organizations to analyze and understand the external environment.

2. Identify and describe the three major parts
of the external environment. What is the purpose of the firm’s collecting
information about these aspects of its environment?

3. Describe and discuss the four activities of
the external environmental analysis process.

4. Describe the seven segments of the general

5. Identify the five forces that underlie the
five forces model of competition. Explain briefly how they affect industry
profit potential.

6. Describe the factors that raise the
competitive nature of an industry’s rivalry.

7. What are high exit barriers and how do they
affect the competition within an industry?

8. What is a firm’s strategic group? What effect
does the strategic group have on the firm?

9. What do firms need to know about their
competitors? What legal and ethical intelligence gathering techniques can be
used to obtain this information?



Case Scenario 1: The
Boys and Girls Club.
The Boys and Girls
Club (BGC) is a national non-profit organization geared to provide America’s
youth with the tools and skills they need to become healthy adults, responsible
citizens, and effective leaders. By bringing parents, neighbors, educators, and
civic leaders together with our youth, BGC believes it can instill these crucial
life lessons at an age when they’re most needed. The national organization is
headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and serves as a service hub for over 3,700 club
locations around the U.S. Each local club is directed by a volunteer board of
directors and staffed by professional youth development workers (usually
including an executive director, a program director, and an arts director) and
many volunteers who just enjoy working with young people and want to make a
difference in their lives. While affiliated with the national center, each
local BGC is locally funded.

1. (Refer to Case Scenario 1) How are the
various facets of the general environment (Table 2.1 in Strategic
Management) likely to be important for BGC?

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