Chapter 15 Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining

| February 14, 2018

81) It is acceptable for an employer to
refuse to hire union members even if they are qualified for the position
because they might be union salts.

82) As a manager, you are legally
prohibited from discussing union membership with employees and from
distributing information regarding how employees can revoke their cards.

83) Most employers decide to contest the
union’s right to represent their employees.

84) In the majority of NLRB elections,
the employer loses because top management fails to focus enough attention on
money and benefits.

85) A union campaign during an NLRB
election will usually focus on issues such as respect, dignity, and fairness,
in addition to job security.

86) During an NLRB election, HR managers
should help their firm by becoming closely involved in the details of the

87) Decertification campaigns to end
union representation are in principle very similar to the initial certification
campaign that brought the union into power.

88) Ignoring bargaining items is a good
strategy for negotiating with labor unions while staying within the limits of
good faith bargaining.

89) One party can compel the other party
to negotiate over permissible items if the employees agree to it.

90) Mediation guarantees a solution to
any impasse that may occur during collective bargaining negotiations.

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