Chapter 12 Problem Solving

| March 14, 2016

Name:____________________________________ Chapter 12 Problem Solving
A biologist wanted to know if the weevil has a preference for one type of bean over others as a place to
lay eggs. She put equal amounts of three types of beans into a jar and added adult weevils. After a few
days she observed the following data. At the 5% significance level, is their evidence that the weevil
eggs are not distributed randomly among the three types of beans? Conduct a Chi-Squared goodness of
fit test
Type of bean Number of Eggs
Pinto 85
Navy 105
Kidney 92
a) What is the null and alternative hypothesis?
b) What are the degrees of freedom for the test?
c) Calculate the test statistic for the test by hand. Show all your work! You can use a calculator
for basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
d) What is the critical value for the test?
e) Would you reject or not reject your null hypothesis?
f) State your interpretation (conclusion) to the test in full sentences. What does your rejection or
non-rejection mean in context of the problem?

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