Changing Demographics Introduction and Alignment

| August 31, 2017

Meeting the Need of Changing DemographicsIntroduction and Alignment

Today’s healthcare managers and leaders need to be prepared for a changing population. Not only is the population aging, but population growth will also create new challenges for healthcare managers. The population of the United States is also growing more diverse, meaning that healthcare organizations need to be culturally competent to meet the needs of the communities in which they serve. In order to be successful, healthcare leaders of the future need to have a strong understanding of demographic changes in their area as well as broad demographic changes across the nation. Healthcare leaders must be able to develop strategies and future planning to meet the needs of their communities. analyze the demographic changes predicted for the United States in the future. You will then have an opportunity to develop strategies for a specific area of healthcare that is of interest to you. The readings and activity will help guide you in your understanding of demographic changes and help you develop skills for strategic planning based on population change.

Upon completion of this assignment, you should be able to:

Develop strategies that address the issues associated with meeting the needs of changing demographics.

Article: The Changing Demographics of America
Background Information

Assume that you are working as a healthcare strategist in a large multidisciplinary healthcare system. You have been asked by the executive team to develop a strategic plan for each area of the health system in order to adapt to changing demographics. Your first task is to develop a presentation outlining the issues involved in meeting the needs of the changing population and your strategy to overcome these challenges. You will develop the presentation and deliver a short presentation to the executive team at their next weekly operations meeting.


Review the article, “The Changing Demographics of America,” and watch the embedded video at:
After clicking the link, click “Continue to our site” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to access the site.
To finish this activity, you will make PowerPoint presentation outlining your strategy addressing issues involved in meeting the needs of the changing demographics within your service area in the healthcare field. Choose one area.
This service area may be human resources, community health clinics, hospitals, urgent or emergency care, or another related healthcare field you are involved in.
If you are not currently working in the healthcare field, you may choose one of the service areas that interests you.
Your presentation should address:
Issues: Identify the specific demographic issues you are addressing within your own personal service area.
Strategies: Identify three to four strategies for meeting the needs of changing demographics within your service area.
Expected Outcomes: Explain the expected outcomes resulting from the implementation of your strategies.
Your presentation should be eight long.
Use in-text citations where appropriate, or include APA-format references at the bottom of slides that require a reference.

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