CE Credits Online MODULE 5:

| September 13, 2019

CE Credits Online MODULE 5: Implementing the Plan CE Credits Online MODULE 5 OVERVIEW This module will explore what happens after the IEP is developed and how to ensure that it is being implemented adequately. We begin by looking at ways to collect data and to create a data collection tool. Then, we further explore Functional Behavior Analysis and Behavior Intervention Plans and how we use them in schools. CE Credits Online MODULE OBJECTIVES • Develop an understanding of the most effective ways to determine whether or not a plan is being implemented effectively • Identify resources and personnel who can assist in the process of collecting and analyzing data • Create a data collection system • Create and implement a Functional Behavior Analysis and Behavior Intervention Plan • Familiarize themselves with special needs alternatives within their own school districts • Understand when it is appropriate for a school district to fund a non-public placement for a special needs student • Explore each of the legal options for dispute resolution • Understand the differences between resolving disputes under IDEA and 504 Plans CE Credits Online IMPLEMENTING THE IEP After the IEP has been created, now what? It is your job as an educator to ensure that your students’ IEPs are being met. It will take a lot of collaborating and organization to ensure that their plan is being followed. CE Credits Online WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? After the plan has been written, you may be wondering what you can do next to ensure that the child’s needs are being met and the plan is being followed. Here are a few suggestions: • Assure all providers are informed about their responsibilities • Create a way to gather data that is easy to use • Update present levels of progress (PLOP) often; keeping track of this regularly will make inputting it into the IEP easier, and make it easier to report progress to parents • Revisit goals and objectives to ensure they are being worked on and are still appropriate • Create a list of accommodations & supplementary aids and services that is readily available to all teachers and service providers • Check in on behavior interventions and plans CE Credits Online Because progress is typically reported each quarter, it’s imperative to collect data in an organized way that is easy to do. Some ways to collect data are: • using data collection sheets • grades from curriculum based assessments • formal and informal inventories • observational notes • portfolio of work samples CE Credits Online Watch the following video on collecting data in a Google Document. While you’re watching think about the following: VIDEO • How do you currently collect student data? • What ways can you change the way you collect data? • How would you change the way they collect data in the video? Collecting Data CE Credits Online Reporting Progress • Typically, IEP teams report progress with report cards quarterly. • When looking at goals and objectives, it’s best to help parents understand that the team has an entire calendar year to meet the goal. • There are many ways to report progress besides on the IEP. RESPONSE TO INTERVENTION: ▪ An effective online tool is the website for the Response to Intervention Center at American Institutes for Research. ▪ We have discussed RTI and its methods in previous sections. ▪ Data collection is the driving force behind RTI, and is also the driving force behind progress monitoring for IEP goals. ▪ This link provides access to resources for RTI progress monitoring: RTI4SUCCESS CE Credits Online Progress Monitoring • Explore the section on progress monitoring for resources to implement and assess methods of progress monitoring within your school on the following website: Progress Monitoring Tools • Familiarize yourself with the methods commonly used within your school district. This should be available on your school district’s website, or by asking your special educator what tools he or she uses. CE Credits Online Respond to the the following: • How do you collect data? • What ways can you change the way you collect data? DISCUSSION BOARD • Respond to 2 classmate’s posts adding ways to enhance their data collection techniques. What suggestions can you give them? • Respond to at least one of your colleagues with a question, connection, or suggestion. …
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