Case Study of Motor vehicle Accident Patient with Spinal injury

| January 19, 2016

Case Study of Motor vehicle Accident Patient with Spinal injury
Order Description
Clinical Case Study
Assessment task 2 requires completion of one clinical case
study investigating the paramedic management of one of the
health topics explored in CAA202 Paramedic Practice 4 – adult
or paediatric, neurological, endocrine and renal conditions,
head and spine trauma, chest injury and burns. The aim of
this task is to critically analyse a case against contemporary
literature to develop an evidence-based case review. The
study should be on a case of interest attended during the
CAA301 semester. The case study should be presented in
essay format.

1500 words

The case study should:
? provide a synopsis of the case including presentation,
management and outcomes;
? offer a brief background of the condition including
relevant pathophysiology and whether the presentation
was novel or typical;
? critically analyse the paramedic management undertaken
on the case against current evidence-based practice using
contemporary published literature; and
? in consideration of the literature, determine best-practice
management of the presenting condition.

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