Thank you for Pt.1 !I included the requirements & pt 1CASE STUDY   IN ETHICAL DECISION MAKING  Assignment Overview  Employers are looking for employees with critical-thinking skills and an ability to think ethically, and make wise choices. Having wisdom and being trustworthy are components of having an ethical foundation. There is a  growing need to address the problem of lack of ethics in the workplace. Ethical decision making using an ethical framework provides a positive  strategy to take into the workplace, or into daily interactions in the world. This assignment requires you to identify and examine an ethical dilemma that could be resolved using ethical decision making through the framework of  ethics. This is a multi-part assignment with each part separately graded, and  due in a different week during the course. Refer to the weekly overview folders for details on specific deadlines.  Note: Topic selection must be approved by instructor before beginning Part 2 of this assignment. 0] Assignment Instructions Part 1: Selection of Topic 1. Select a topic dealing with an ethical dilemma. 2. Provide justification for your topic selection. 3. Submit your proposed topic for approval to your instructor.   Part 2: Propose Real-Life Scenario or Case Study: Application of steps 1–2 (Seven-Step Process in Moral Choices) Gathering of Information   1. Write a paper that describes an ethical dilemma. 2. Describe a scenario where there is a primary ethical dilemma—a situation where there is definitely a question of ethics; the heart of the issue is ethical in nature. Include the essential facts by describing the following: a. What is the situation? b. Who are the parties involved? c. Where does the situation take place? (Note: You may not copy an ethical dilemma online or another source, this must be original work.) Identify Ethical Concerns / Identify the relevant virtues   and principles to the situation   3. Identify the primary ethical dilemma and related ethical issues by responding to the following: a. Why is this an ethical issue? 1] b. Are there any related situations that deal with the same or similar ethical issues? c. What areas need further research? d. Why is this issue important to you? e. Support your answers with authoritative academic sources. Part 3: Ethical and Biblical Framework Research: Application of steps 3–5 (Seven-Step Process in Moral Choices) View your ethical dilemma from Part 2 through the lens of two ethical frameworks: one of your selection and the other from a Christian worldview. Determine what virtues/principles have a bearing on the   case 1. Write a paper which applies an ethical and Christian framework to your ethical dilemma. 2. Select an ethical framework from the following: ○ Emotivism ○ Teleological Ethics ○ Utilitarianism ○ Egoism ○ Principle-Based Ethics ○ Relativism ○ Virtue Ethics 3. Describe the basic principles of your selected ethical framework that have bearing on the scenario from Part 2. 4. Apply your selected ethical framework approach to the scenario from Part 2 2] 5. Evaluate the effects that your selected ethical framework has on the scenario from Part 2. List other considerations 6. Apply the principles of an ethical-Christian worldview framework to the scenario from Part 2. 7. Evaluate the effects your ethical framework has in relation to Christian principles? ○ In your response, consider these biblical passages that speak about Christian virtues: ● Matthew 5:1–10 ● I Corinthians 13:1–13 ● Galatians 5:22–23 (compare to Galatians 5:19–21) ● Ephesians 4:25–32 ● Colossians 3:1–14 ○ Biblical law: ● 10 Commandments (Exodus 20:1–17) ● The Two Great Commandments (Matthew 22:34–40) ○ Support your writings with authoritative academic sources. Part 4: Final Ethical Decision: Application of steps 6–8   (Seven-Step Process in Moral Choices)   Comparison and Application   1. Write a paper that analyzes the implications of your ethical framework to your ethical dilemma. 2. Compare your selected ethical framework to the Christian worldview ethical framework. a. Identify basic similarities. b. Identify basic differences. 3] 3. Compare two other approaches from the list with your ethical principles by considering the following: a. Do you agree with any of the ethical principles from the two frameworks? Explain your reasoning. b. Are there any other ethical principles that you personally follow?   Consider the consequences   4. Select your approach. 5. Evaluate the possible implications of applying your chosen approach. ● Support your predicted implications to your approach. ● Consider the following implications in your response: ○ Moral ○ Relational ○ Financial ○ Social Make a Decision   6. Justify and rationalize your chosen approach. 7. Consider the outcomes of your decision. Assignment Scope Part 2 – Propose Real-life scenario or case study: Application of steps 1-2   ✓ Citation requirements (2) ✓ Word count (300 – 500) ✓ APA formatting 4] ✓ Identify at least 2 additional sources, aside from the Bible and the   textbook, that guide the research.   Part 3 – Ethical and Biblical Framework research and application of the steps   3-5 of 7   ✓ Citation requirements (2) ✓ Word count (1,200-1,400)   ✓ APA formatting (for each part)   ✓ Plagiarism submission Part 4 – Final Ethical Decision: Application of the steps 6-7 of 7.   ✓ Citation requirements (2) ✓ Word count (250-500)   ✓ APA formatting (for each part)   ✓ Plagiarism submission Assignment Requirements Part 1 – Selection of Topic: Yes/No   ● Selected topic involves an ethical dilemma ● Provides rationale for topic selection ● Submits selection on time Part 2 – Propose Real-Life Scenario or Case Study: Application of Steps 1–2   (Seven-Step Process in Moral Choices)   ● Description of a scenario where there is a primary ethical dilemma: a situation where there is definitely a question of ethics; where the heart of the issue is ethical in nature 5] ● Identification of the primary ethical dilemma and related ethical issues Part 3 – Ethical and Biblical Framework Research and Application of the Steps   3–5 (Seven-Step Process in Moral Choices)   ● Selection of an ethical framework and description of principles for the selected ethical framework which have bearing on the scenario from Part 2 ● Application of the selected ethical framework approach to the scenario from Part 2 ● Evaluation of the effects that the selected ethical framework has on the scenario from Part 2 ● Application of the principles of a Christian worldview / ethical framework to the scenario from Part 2 ● Evaluation of the effects that the Christian principles have on the scenario from Part 2 ● Comparison of selected ethical approach to Christian worldview / ethical framework ● Comparison of alternative approaches with your ethical principles Part 4 – Final Ethical Decision: Application of the steps 6–7 (Seven-Step   Process in Moral Choices).   ● Description of a unique or chosen approach based upon your comparison of your two ethical frameworks ● Justification and support of the chosen approach ● Evaluation of possible implications of applying the chosen approach 6Case Study in Ethical Decision MakingAdams met with a fatal care accident and was in a coma for three months. During one of his happy days with family and friends, he commented that if ever went into a coma for more than three months, he would never want to be a burden to anyone. He told his family and friends to promise that they should turn off life support and let him die peacefully. His mother told him to stop with the nonsense and said insisted that only God gives and takes away life. While it was not a big deal then, after the lapse of the three months, family members were hesitant about honoring Adams’s wish. His parents and even the physician argued that since Adams was not brain dead, there were high chances of him waking up. Besides, his mother was very spiritual and argued that she had sought God’s intercession and that she was sure that God would wake up her son.Some of the ethical issues raised by this case study include whether Adams family members and the physician should honor the patient’s autonomy. According to the principle of autonomy, patients have a right to make decisions about their medical care without the health care providers attempting to influence their decisions (Ubel et al., 2018). Another ethical issue raised is whether the family is acting ethically and with integrity. Adams asked his family and friends to promise to unplug life support and let him die peacefully, but they are adamant about keeping him on life support. Should his mother’s religious beliefs override Adams’s desire to be euthanized? Besides, it also raises another issue – can a wish expressed by word of mouth and not put in writing be considered legal and abiding? Can the law affect the parties involved – the parents and the physician in case they are discovered?ReferencesUbel, P. A., Scherr, K. A., & Fagerlin, A. (2018). Autonomy: What’s shared decision making have to do with it? The American Journal of Bioethics: AJOB, 18(2), W11–W12.

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