Case Study: Freight Express Inc.

| March 14, 2016

Using this case study, you are to identify a minimum of five requirements, analyze them, and offer a proposal that provides FEI with an converged network solution and explains how the components of the solution, and the solution as a whole, meet the identified requirements.

The proposed solution must address each of the requirements identified.

At least one (1) diagram or illustration must be incorporated to illustrate your proposed solution. You should do some research to address the cost issues and defend the proposed solution from a cost-benefit perspective.

This is to be a general analysis of the benefits versus the cost of a converged network, not a full cost-benefit analysis with cost data.

Your deliverable will be a 3 – 4 page paper. The page requirement includes illustrations or diagrams, but does not count the cover page and references page. At least two (2) external sources (other than the textbook and other materials provided in the course) must be used, and citations and references must be in APA format

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