Case Study 1:On page 207, there are the steps to an Efficiency Analysis

| November 24, 2016

Case Study 1:On page 207, there are the steps to an Efficiency Analysis. In 2 to 3 pages, find a topic that you feel is interesting. You are my Director of Operations. I have just requested an analysis of this topic for you to possibly being promoted to VP. I want you to pin point an issue and perform an efficiency analysis that will save my company money. Please upload a Word document using APA format for this assignment (see attached for the template). This assignment will have a title page, no abstract or content list, 2-3 pages of reported information, and a reference page. Again, it has to be turned in on the template and APA compliant.(3 Points)

I can’t find the pages of the book,

Transportation Decision Making: Principles of Project Evaluation and Programming1st Edition by kumares C. Sinha and Samuel Labi pages- 207-209
Rubric Category Point Val. Your Points
Paper meets the specified pages or word length, demonstrates thorough understanding of the reading assignment, reflects critical thought, and relates to course content and/or industry applications. Length required _ pages____, __ pages___ turned in. 20
Ideas and concepts are supported through resources and/or personal experiences. Case study exhibits truthful and verifiable statements. 40
Posts are free of writing errors (syntax, grammar, etc.) Try to avoid using needless fillers i.e. that. I did not count those as errors this time. Also, free of APA format errors. ___ Errors – 1-4 =.9 5-7= .8, 8-10= .7, 11-12= .6, 13-14= .5, 15-17= .4, 18= .3, 19= .2, 20= .1, 21 or more 0. 40

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