Case study

| April 28, 2016

Case study

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Answer the questions below in short answers with simple english. the answers can be found in the readings, which i will upload later. one page for week 8 and one page for week 9

Week 8: Gender and global political economy
1. What reasons does Pettman give to explain the ‘invisibility’ of women in the
global economy?
2. How has globalisation resulted in an increasing feminisation of labour?
3. What does Pettman mean when she argues that ‘the world of work’ is
gendered? Why is this problematic in her view?
4. In what ways did the global financial crisis in 2007-2008 affect women and
men differently? How was it gendered?

Week 9: Environmental security
1. Have the many agreements and protocols for global environmental governance
provided satisfactory environmental solutions for the world’s populations?
2. Name three examples where developed and developing nations disagree about
the management/governance of environmental issues.
3. Why is ‘sustainable development’ a tricky term?
4. To what extent did privatisation contribute to the Hazelwood coal mine fire in
5. What is a ‘foreseeable risk’? Try to name one other foreseeable risk Victoria is
likely to face in summer.

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