Case Application: Searching For?

| August 13, 2017

In your text, go to pages 444 and 445. Read the Case Application: Searching For?: Part 2. After reading the case, please answer the Discussion Questions found on page 445. What’s it like to work at Google? (Hint: Go to Google’s Web site and find the section on Jobs at Google and go from there.) What’s your assessment of the company’s work environment?2. Google is doing a lot for its employees, but obviously not enough to retain several of its talented employees. Using what you’ve learned from studying the various motivation theories, what does this situation tell you about employee motivation?3. What do you think is Google’s biggest challenge in keeping employees motivated?4. If you were managing a team of Google employees, how would you keep them motivated?5. Reread the chapter section on motivating professionals. Using this information, what would you tell managers at Google?

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