| June 13, 2016

During the Midterm Exam, you will be assigned one of the following two cases to use for your Case Analysis:
The Global Sourcing Wire Harness Division
Managing Supplier Quality: Integrated Devices
Once you have received your assignment and reviewed the case, provide a 3 – 5 page written report of the alternatives. The report is evaluated based on the following criteria:

Providing an adequate summary, problem definition and hypothesis leading to substantive analysis and alternative recommendations. (10 points)
Using correct grammar and evidence of proofreading (i.e., no spelling errors); overall formatting (10 points):
Times New Roman, 12 pt. Font
Double Spaced
Meets total page requirements
APA Style Citations and References
Identifying why the recommendations are important to the field (40 points)
Including findings, lessons learned, or best practices that can be applied to improve the management of the analysis function. (40 points)
The Case Analysis is worth 100 points and 5% of your grade. Review the rubric for grading guidelines. Your instructor may provide written feedback while grading this assignment.

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