cascadia BUS201 week 7 discussion

| October 22, 2018

Ch 7: Discussion Question, Internet Activity1717 unread replies.2222 replies.This discussion question for this week on Crimes will be an Internet research activity. Locate some source material on the Internet on a company and/or management of a company that has been convicted of, or has gone to trial for a business oriented crime. Given the information you discover, analyze the behavior of the company within the context of the legal concepts the chapter presents. I would suggest the IRAC method of analysis. In other words, analyze the actions of the party within the structure of the definition of the crime. Be as specific as possible. As part of your post, comment on the credibility of you sources. Include a link to your sources so that we can all read the articles about the business that you used. Limit your sources to a maximum of two (2). I suggest you review more, but select the best for your post. You will want to make sure the company you selected has had enough information about their situation published so that you can do a reasonable job on this assignment. If enough has not been published, select another company. As for the company you select, do not use any company mentioned in this chapter of the text. Additionally, do not use any company that anyone who posts before you used! After your classmates have posted, discuss the posts of at least two of your classmates with them.Ch 9 DQ: Palsgraf v Long Island Ry. Co.77 unread replies.77 replies.This is a classic tort case, decided when the tort law was evolving by one of the most admired jurists, Judge Cardozo. The case centers on “causation”. Analyze this case in terms of causation. Do you agree with the outcome? Support your conclusion with analysis.Ch 9 DQ: Strict Liability55 unread replies.66 replies.Does the concept of “strict liability” make sense? Should someone be held responsible regardless of fault? What are the pro’s? the con’s? Support your opinion with legal analysis, i.e. the IRAC approach.Ch 8 DQ: Reflection1414 unread replies.1717 replies.Please post your reflection on what was covered in Chapter 8 after you complete all the other learning activities for Chapter, i.e. Connect activities, reading, etc.Please use this forum to post any comments, observations, examples or applications of the class material, responses to other students’ postings, links to relevant articles, or any combination of the above, all as they relate to this chapterCheck back occasionally to read the responses of other students to your post and to respond to them. It is expected that each student will make one original post and at least two follow up posts to other student posts as outlined in the syllabus

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