Car using nuclear fuel

| March 14, 2016

This Research should follow this instruction:

1- Problem definition

– Research topic: car using nuclear fuel

The research will explain about car using nuclear fuel and how it works
and the advantages of car using nuclear fuel

compare to the regular one that used now .

– The claim of research “car using nuclear fuel” is to make it real
– can replace normal cars .
– There are main points claiming the advantages of the car using nuclear fuel.
– Why its important for people

– These claims should follow this criteria:
Reason —————- evidence ————— data or researches support the evidence.

2- Functional requirements

Radioactive material required:
– Naturally occurring,
– High enough energy to produce electrons and electricity.
– Safe enough. By defining the shielding material and show it is not harmful for human.

3- Design concept

Provide and make a clear design for the cars and how it will work, provide the tiny details of this design

Evidence that It is safe by
– Calculate the dose due to radiation exposure from the cars that are using nuclear fuel.
– Shielding cover for the product containment and what material we will use for shielding.

Provide the cost and the efficiency too

4- Comparative study with previous concept (function principle, geometry, cost, application, relative merits and demerits)

5- Feasibility assessments

6- Conclusion
Make it clear
7- References
Use strong and clear one

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