| February 2, 2016


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Select a current situation you are dealing with in your job which can be either within your area of responsibility or cross over into multiple departments or operating units. And Answer these 6 questions:
1. Briefly describe the situation you have been considering/analyzing over the past four weeks; select one or two issues within the situation on which you will focus for this assignment (recruitment, retention, compensation, staff engagement, organization, authority, communication, cooperation, etc.)
2. How can the Four Frames be applied to the situation?
3. Which Frames are the most challenging to deal with and why?
4. What Strengths are the most important and challenged in dealing with this issue?
5. What specific recommendations would you make and the expected results from those recommendations?
6. What personal Strengths would you expect to utilize to achieve your recommendations and what other Strengths will you seek to assist? How will you include those strengths?

1. I need only one reference which is Reframing Organizations 5th Edition. By LEE G. BOLMAN
2. This is Description to my organization and my role and responsibilities. I’m working in Medical City which is consists of four hospitals and four center. Main Hospital, Women’s Specialized Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Rehabilitation Hospital and Medical Centers which include Heart Center, Neuroscience Center, Hematology &Oncology Center and Specialized Diabetes & Endocrine Center. In addition to the hospitals there are primary care clinics, Emergency Medicine Administration and Faculty of Medicine. All these hospitals and centers consist of a total of 1,100 beds.

Since I finished my training and fellowship I handle many leadership positions and responsibility now I’m the chairman for Emergency medicine department which consists of 70 beds with around 100,000 visit per year. We have total of 18 attending physicians and around 30 resident in training program.

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