Can you name the topic?

| April 29, 2016

Can you name the topic?
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Please read all instructions carefully especially capitol letters it is hard to miss or forget something since it is a long list.
This paper cannot be turned in late and it is due in a few hours.

1. This paper will be checked for plagiarism!
2. Locate professional NURSING journals relating to maternal or newborn health issues,
(ONE Ethical dilemma)
3. Review Ethical Principles & Legal Safeguards (chapter 3 in your Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Woman’s Health Nursing 6th ed by Murray & Mckinney text).
4. Pick 1 of 8 on box 3-1 (Chapter 3) to talk about on your paper.
5. Select a recent (less than 5 years old) full text journal (American) article. ONE ethical dilemma and the emphasis should be on NURSING care, NOT medical care. The article needs to be written BY nurses FOR nurses ON nursing care. (Pick a journal from the same or similar topic on rule 4 above to compare to.
6. Keep in mind this paper and article should be about ONE ethical dilemma in specific not ethics in general.
7. Review the article.
8. Using APA format, type your research paper. Must be no longer than 2 pages. References should be your book, article, board of nursing website and hospital policy.
9. Include the following areas in your paper:
a. Summary of the article (Paragraph 1)
b. A comparison of the topic to your textbook on same subject. (Paragraph 2)
c. Identify the ethical principle chosen from Chapter 3 and how it applies to your article (Paragraph 3)
d. Discuss how the three safeguards for health care (explained in your book pg 36&37) apply to your article. (Paragraph 4)
i. See Texas Nurse Practice Act- rule 217.11 (Board of Nursing website)
ii. Standards of Care (Board of Nursing website)
iii. Texas Arlington Memorial Hospital Policy/Procedures (Is there a policy at this hospital for your topic? If not, state there is no policy and what does this hospital go by?

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