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Bachelor of Computing Systems

Bachelor of
Computing SystemsITEC6.390 E-CommerceAssessment 2 – Semester 1 2015Date due: 18 June2015Weighting: 35%Marks: 100Instructions:Students are to attempt all questions. All non-original
work must be referenced using APA referencing styleMarks will be awarded for presentation, quality of research
and knowledge application.

Contents.doc#_Toc416855705″>Bachelor of Computing Systems.1.doc#_Toc416855706″>ITEC6.390 E-Commerce.1.doc#_Toc416855707″>Deliverables.3.doc#_Toc416855708″>Length
A: Promoting your web site..4.doc#_Toc416855710″>Part
B. Literature review…4.doc#_Toc416855711″>Part
C E-commerce Research (50 marks).5

Part A
Promoting your Website
Word Processed e-copy
Part B
Your one Blog
Part C
Two clearly labeled sections
1. Literature review2. E-commerce ResearchLength GuidelinePart A 1- 2 pagesPart B Equivalent to1-1.5 word processed pagesPart C 1500 word limit If your marker cannot access any part of your Blog you will receive zero
for section B.

Part A: Promoting your web site20 MarksUsing your website
from assignment 1 describe the steps required to increase the marketing profile
for this website.Your report should
include (but not be limited to):
Establishing a
Customer Capture
Targeted marketing people and/or times of the year (such as Mother’s Day)
Search engines
Increasing their profile within search
engines, Ad words, advantages of links from other similar websites…
Social media
Twitter, Facebook, YouTube . . .
Other “clip-ons”
Trip advisor, Grabone, selling products on
Trade-me . . .Notes
Your plan must be specific to your business NOT theoretical or
You need a clear
course of action
guideline 1-2 pages.
Part B. Literature
review30 MarksYou task is to review one current e-commerce article.You research must include:·
Is this a reliable source and/or a well-known author?·
A review and
a summary of the article’s content including the author’s main point or
argument ·
Two articles
on the same topic that either enhance, support or conflict with the original
Your own
opinion of the topic.You are required to
make an informed opinion.

Part C E-commerce Research (50 marks)This must be on your Blog AimThe
aim of Part C is to show an understanding of an area of e-commerce of your own
choosing (from the list below). Present
this research as a Blog.Your
research should include but is not limited to:
A brief
definition of the type of e-commerce you have chosen
An explanation
of how this type of commerce was performed previously. If there was no
such business please explain this
Cite two
examples of organizations engaged in this type of e-commerce
Discuss how the
changes influenced by e-commerce have changed the business model/s for
this sector
The use of this
type of e-commerce world-wide
The use of this
type of e-commerce in New Zealand
Compare the
difference between the NZ and Global examples you have chosen.
may select your area of e-commerce from the list below (once you have decided on
your topic area you must contact your lecturer to register your topic). Each
student must select a different topic; topics areas will be awarded on a first
come basis.E-commerce
areas for research

E-learning (or
Supply Chain
E-real estate
Networking – Commercial considerations
(Mobile technologies)

EDI (and
Internet enabled B2B)
Portals and/or
Knowledge management
E-brokering (on-line stock/shares trading)
(on-line inventory procurement)
C2C Trading
Future trends

Inappropriate research areas will not be
marked and receive zero
Length guideline 1500 word limit
You are expected to use APA
citation and referencing style
Direct quotes should be no longer than 2 lines per quote
and clearly cited
Limit your citations to 20% or
less of your report, with your own commentary and opinion clearly written
as the dominant part of your report
You should list a minimum of 10 quality
references with at least 8 from quality journals, books and articles with
named authors.
EIT online for tutorials on:
Using EIT Library for research

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