Calculate and compare the crude

| October 14, 2019

 Critique must be approximately 250 words in length (no less than 225 words long, and no more than 275 words long). If your word count doesn’t meet these requirements, you will lose marks. • You are to examine the contents of the paper, specifically focusing on the methods, results, and conclusions. – Were the methods conducted well, or do you believe the authors made mistakes in their experimental design? Explain. – Were the results and conclusions presented properly, and analyzed in a proper fashion? Explain. – Do you believe this paper produces conclusions that, overall, are important for the field of insect behaviour? Explain. – How would you have done things differently? Suggest ways to improve the design of the study, as well as the scientific impact. • References should be used for your critique, specifically in cases where information from those references reinforce your opinions. Provide your own opinions, but also explain why your opinions are sensible and logical; references will help to exemplify this. (Use three [3] references, max; these should be on a separate page from your main critique). • Also include a separate title page. Include student name, student number, a title, and the date of submission.

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