C17 College Mathematics ASSIGNMENT 4

| December 2, 2017

ASSIGNMENT 4C17 College MathematicsDirections: Answer each question in the handout and show all your work.Use.pearsoncmg.com/pls/products/coco/basic_college_math/1256896721/supplemental_assignments/docs/microsoft_equation_editor_info.doc”>Microsoft Equation Editor or a similar tool to help you insert mathematical equations and symbols in your response. For further assistance, download the Microsoft Equation Editor Information document.To show your work, clearly identify each step in your problem-solving process demonstrating your progress at each stage.Clearly identify your final answer.1. (5 points) Write 73, 456 in words.2. (5 points) Simplify the following:a. 12,176 ÷ 24b. 34? 51c. d. 12(62-4)e. 7345 ? 10003. (5 points) Estimate each sum or difference by rounding to the nearest hundred.a. 1423 + 6234 + 1867b. 8734 – 23984. (5 points) Write a fraction to represent the shaded area.5. (5 points) Write each fraction in simplest form.a. b. 6. (5 points) Perform each indicated operation. Write each answer in simplest form.a. b. 4 ?c. d. e. 17. (5 points) Find the LCM of the following.a. 12 and 24b. 7, 9, and 218. (5 points) Perform each indicated operation. Simplify your answers.a. b. c. d. e. 9. (5 points) Perform the indicated operations. Round division answers to the nearest thousandth if necessary.a. 5.8 + 0.043 + 16.79b. 20.01 × 11.1c. d. 3.32 ÷ 4 × 10e. 0.2[5.28-(0.7)2]10. (5 points) A school has 410 students and 25 teachers. How many students are there per teacher?11. (5 points) Find the circumference of a circle with radius 1.4 in. long. Then use the approximation 3.14 for?and approximate the circumference.12. (5 points) Write each ratio or rate as a fraction in simplest form.a. 9 inches of rain in 30 daysb. 13.(5 points)Find each unit price and decide which is the better buy.a. Oranges: 6 for $0.96 or 8 for $1.20b. Muffins: 12 for $10.20 or 18 for $16.2014.(5 points)Find the unknown number nin each proportion.a. b. 15.(5 points)Solve.a. An engineering school accepts 2 out of every 11 applicants. If the school accepts 460 students in Fall of 2012, how many students applied for admission?b. On a map, 3 inches corresponds to 100 miles. Find the actual distance between two cities that are inches apart on the map.16.(5 points)Write each percent as a decimal.a. 12.3%b. 152%17.(5 points)Write each decimal as a percent.a. 0.71b. 0.05918.(5 points)Solve.a. What number is 60% of 300?b. 0.2% of what number is 24?19.(5 points)Solve. Round all dollar amounts to the nearest cent.a. A cleaning solution has 40% vinegar. Find the amount of vinegar in 32 ounces of the solution.b. If the sales tax is 7.12%, find the total amount charged for a lamp priced at $60.20.(5 points)Solve. Round all dollar amounts to the nearest cent.a. Marty borrowed $450 at 9% interest for 3 months. Find the total amount due at the end of the 3 months.b. $5000 is compounded quarterly at a rate of 10%. Find the total amount in the compound interest account at the end of 20 years. (The compound interest factor is 7.20957).

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