BUSN313 Global and Competitive Strategy quiz 2

| September 28, 2018

.apus.edu/APUS/AMU/pad/srb/frmCourseDetailDisplay.aspx?CourseID=2945&RegistrationID=6864680″>BUSN313 Global and Competitive Strategy quiz 2Question 1 of 205.0 PointsSociety generally expects firms to work with employees and the company to plan for layoffs. This is an example of which of Carroll’s responsibilities?Question 2 of 205.0 PointsFriedman’s position on social responsibilityQuestion 3 of 205.0 PointsAs societal values evolve, it is likely that the ________ responsibilities of today may become the ________ responsibilities to tomorrow.Question 4 of 205.0 PointsBeing socially responsibleQuestion 5 of 205.0 PointsWhich of the following is NOT one of the examples provided as an organizational benefit received from being socially responsible?Question 6 of 205.0 PointsAs opposed to rule-based countries, relationship-based countries tend toQuestion 7 of 205.0 PointsOf the six values measured by the Allpot-Vernon-Lindzey Study of Values test, both U.S. and British executives consistently score highest on ________ values and lowest on ________ values.Question 8 of 205.0 PointsFormer Enron Vice President Sherron Watkins used the ________ analogy to explain why executives at Enron engaged in unethical and illegal actions.Question 9 of 205.0 PointsSome people claim that morality is relative to some personal, social, or cultural standard and that there is no method for deciding whether one decision is better than another. This is calledQuestion 10 of 205.0 PointsAll of the following reasons provide rationale for unethical behavior EXCEPTQuestion 11 of 205.0 PointsThe origin of competitive advantage lies in the ability toQuestion 12 of 205.0 PointsAccording to Porter, the collective strength of the interaction of potential entrants, buyers, substitutes, suppliers, firm rivalry, and other stakeholders determineQuestion 13 of 205.0 PointsWhich barrier to entry uses cost advantages associated with large size?Question 14 of 205.0 PointsWhich of the following is NOT descriptive of the threat of substitute products or services?Question 15 of 205.0 PointsThe U.S. major home appliance industry is an example of an industryQuestion 16 of 205.0 PointsWhich of the following is an example of a global industry?Question 17 of 205.0 PointsThe two factors that tend to determine whether an industry will be primarily multidomestic or primarily global are (1) the pressure for coordination within the MNCs operating in that industry and (2)Question 18 of 205.0 PointsWhen the pressure for coordination is strong and the pressure for local responsiveness is weak for multinational corporations within a particular industry, the industry will tend to becomeQuestion 19 of 205.0 PointsTo succeed in a hypercompetitive industry, companies must be willing toQuestion 20 of 205.0 PointsWhich of the following is true in regards to competitive intelligence?

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