BUSN – This Afterword and Mini-case

| November 28, 2016

This Afterword and Mini-case should promote further discussion about how companies can use external partnerships and sources of value such as “borrowed brands” as part of their product/ service strategy. All students in Facilitator Group should post their second initial discussion entry for the week as well as two further individual comments in response to the ongoing discussion.

What were the components of the full ecosystem of stakeholders Keurig Coffee used to obtain success in its first target market? Think about the specific clever business solutions (especially the many types of partnering) that made it possible to overcome many problems. What was the role of investors in hindering or helping this company’s progress? Do you think the Company has made the right or wrong decision in the long term about not having their own line of coffee? Are they missing a good opportunity for emphasizing their brand and building loyalty, and a wall against potential competitors?( About 300 words, at least one reference.)

Additionally, make a closing statementof the mini-case; this is a different paragraph, about 300 words. Please prepare this statement in a new word document.

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