| September 29, 2018

1. A global MNC should use what type of controls over its foreign units?
2. A survey of 600 business units found that compensation programs emphasizing bonuses and other incentives were most used in those units emphasizing
3. A study of 79 MNCs revealed that international transfer pricing from one country unit to another is primarily used to 
4. Which company experienced a tarnished reputation and scandal after experiencing behavior substitution when employees altered their behavior on the job to fit the reward system?
5. Which method of matching rewards to the accomplishment of strategic objectives compensates managers for achieving objectives set over a multi-year period? 
6. Which method of matching rewards to the accomplishment of strategic objectives encourages executives to look at developmental expenses as being different from those expenses required for current operations?
7. According to the text, using a long-term performance evaluation system, a company executive might be promised incentives such as
8. One approach to better match executive rewards to the accomplishment of strategic objectives is 
9. If performance data and activity reports indicate undesirable performance as a result of inappropriate use of the strategic management process, operational managers must
10. Controls which measure variables that influence future profitability are called
11. ________ is used worldwide and measures the total output of goods and services within a country’s borders
12. Return on equity
13. All of the following ratios are used in the calculation of a company’s Z-value EXCEPT
14. What benefit does converting sales and profits to constant dollars in times of inflation offer when analyzing a case?
15. “Days of inventory” is an example of a(n) 
16. Net profit margin is what type of financial ratio?<<< 17. Which financial ratio measures the utilization of all of the company's assets 18. Which financial ratio measures the extent to which borrowed funds have been used to finance the company's assets? 19. Which two basic statements provide most of the financial data needed for analysis? 20. Which financial ratio indicates the percentage of profit that is paid out as dividends?

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