| September 28, 2018

1.A highly developed international company with a deep involvement throughout the world, plus a worldwide perspective in its management and decision making is called a(n)Question 2 of 205.0 PointsWhat is the activity that occurs in Stage I of international development?Question 3 of 205.0 PointsWhat is the activity that occurs in the last stage of international development?Question 4 of 205.0 PointsWhich type of structure was used by American Cyanamid to introduce and manage a similar line of products throughout the world?Question 5 of 205.0 PointsWhich type of structure was used by Nestle to tailor products to regional differences and to achieve regional coordination?.apus.edu/portal/tool/2cd7dc89-e8b9-4a7f-a87b-fbd71cc4a745/jsf/select/selectIndex#”>Geographic-area structureModel Short Answer:geographic-area structure network structure product-group structure international structure functional structureQuestion 6 of 205.0 PointsWhich type of structure enables a corporation to centralize decision making along product lines and to reduce costs?Question 7 of 205.0 PointsAccording to Chandler and others, which factors MUST be closely aligned to avoid the consequences of poor organizational performance?Question 8 of 205.0 PointsA candidate for a fourth stage in corporate development isQuestion 9 of 205.0 PointsWhen Kimberly-Clark introduced Huggies disposable diapers against Procter & Gamble’s market leading Pampers, they were using the offensive tactic known as a(n)Question 10 of 205.0 PointsWhen Yamaha entered the market with a broader range of pianos, keyboards, and other musical instruments, it was using which offensive tactic?Question 11 of 205.0 PointsOne of the big common mistakes by corporations sending executives on global assignments is NOTQuestion 12 of 205.0 PointsAccording to the text, which one of the following is NOT one of the dangers of using primarily foreign nationals to staff managerial positions in subsidiaries?Question 13 of 205.0 PointsWhich of the following practices was NOT identified by a study of 750 U.S., Japanese, and European companies that do a good job of managing foreign assignments?Question 14 of 205.0 PointsWhich one of the following was NOT one of the cultural dimensions that Hofstede found which could explain the success or failure of certain management practices?Question 15 of 205.0 PointsNations like Greece and Japan whose people want career stability, formal rules, and clear-cut measures of performance would score high on which of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions?Question 16 of 205.0 PointsAccording to Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, which country scored lowest on power distance?Question 17 of 205.0 PointsAccording to Hofstede, which cultural dimension describes the extent to which a society emphasizes the importance of hard work, education, and persistence as well as the importance of thrift?Question 18 of 205.0 PointsAll of the following reflect characteristics of a successful integration manager EXCEPTQuestion 19 of 205.0 PointsWhich of the following statements is true concerning the career life cycle for top executives?Question 20 of 205.0 PointsWhat did a study of 173 firms over a 25-year period reveal about CEOs of successful corporations?

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