BUSN 220 Week 5 / Assignment

| April 14, 2018

BUSN 220 Week 5 / Assignment #4 (Research Paper)Please choose a real estate finance topic identified in the text book or another topic relative to this course which has the potential to impact the buying, selling and finance of real estate.Some suggested topics are:1. The nature and cycle of real estate finance;2. Money and the monetary system;3. The secondary mortgage market;4. Instruments of real estate finance;5. Closing real estate loans;6. Recent federal laws, regulations and activities of government agencies related to real estate finance;7. Proposals made by trade or professional organizations; and8. other topics may be identified by the student and approved by the instructor.Prepare a paper of at least 7 pages (DOUBLE SPACED) discussing the topic. The 7 pages are in addition to your title and reference page. It must be in proper APA format. Upon completion, upload your work to the Assignments area of the classroom.MUST BE IN APA FORMAT AND NO PLAGIARIZATION. THE LAST PAPER I RECIEVED WAS PLAGIARIZED.Sirota, D., & Barrell, D. (2012). Essentials of real estate finance (13th ed.). La Crosse, WI: Dearborn Real Estate Education. THIS IS THE COURSE TEXTBOOK.

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