BUSINESS Unit 3 Assignment – Code of Conduct

| July 29, 2018

InstructionsIdentify two websites relevant to you and your career. These websites can be your company’swebsite, the website for a company you find interesting, an association that is relevant to your currentjob or profession, or a website that is relevant to your future planned career. An example of such awebsite is the American Psychological Association. Review their Code of Conduct and/or anyinformation that provides guidelines on how members are expected to behave. Sometimes the Codeof Conduct is a separate document. Other times expected behaviors are within their other materials.Based on the two websites you identified above, review their Code of Conduct and/or any informationthat provides guidelines on how members should behave, then answer the following questions:1. How extensive are the codes from the two organizations/associations?2. Do these codes reflect values? What values?3. Do these codes reflect laws and policies? How?4. What kinds of actions do the codes cover?5. Are there ramifications for violations? How extensive are the ramifications?6. What influence do you believe these codes of conduct have on the decision-makingbehavior of their members or employees?Each answer should be a paragraph or two and well written. Include a title page and the questionswith answers. Cite and reference as needed. Identify the two organizations you used. Write a briefintroduction, answer each question under separate headings, and then write a short conclusion.

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