Business Law Questions Assignment

| August 31, 2016

1. Is an employee who is granted medical leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) automatically considered an individual with a disability under the Americans With Disabilities Act? Explain. No more than 12 sentences.

2. Lynette Hines is employed by Irvin Industries. She recently became a Seven Day Adventist and has informed her employer that she can no longer work on Saturday. Irvin Industries makes seat cushions for airplanes and is a relatively small operation. While Saturday is not a regular work day, frequently employees are required to work on Saturday and they are informed of this condition of employment during the hiring process. Lynette is told by her supervisor that if the plant is operating on a Saturday, she will have to be there unless she is sick. He explained to Lynette that he had no one to do her job and her absence would slow down production. The following Saturday, Lynette failed to report to work and she was fired. She filed a claim for religious discrimination under Title VII. Discuss this case from Irvin Industries’ perspective.
Was it legally acceptable for Irvin to fire Lynette? Your response should be reasonable and justifiable. No more than 10 sentences.

3. Suggest 2 ways that a company might encourage its more experienced workers to listen to ideas from newer employees. Bullet each point. No more than 4 sentences.

4. Briefly discuss 3 things firms do to encourage all employees to behave safely on the job to
prevent accidents/injuries? Bullet each point. No more than 6 sentences.

APA format.
Test 3 requires significantly more analysis and synthesis. It may contain short answer questions, case analyses, and essays. Test 3 will cover second half material. Short answer and essay may draw upon any material covered up to that point. Short answers, case analyses, and the essay responses must be submitted to Turnitin. Test 3 Course Outcomes Chapters #3, #4, and #5).

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