Business in the Creative Industries

| January 5, 2016

Business in the Creative Industries
Order Description
An illustrated critique of a particular success or failure of a business within the creative industries sector either within the national or international context.

For this assignment, I expect you to choose a particular business that works within the creative sector as defined in the lectures. It would be good if you could choose a smaller business entity. If you can get hold of data on the company in terms of what has happened over the last five to ten years then that will give you some insights into how successful it is.

a) The company and its position in the marketplace
b) What is the uniqueness of its service/product?
c) What markets does it serve and how well
d) Have the sales been growing, stagnant or falling?
e) Why would this be the case?
f) How well designed are the products/services?
g) How well known is the brand?
h) How good is their online strategy
i) A critique of what you feel about the business and whether it is successful.
j) Utilise relevant theory to back up your analysis.
Use illustrations, photos, sketches etc., to illustrate your points.

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