Business Ethics

| January 14, 2016

Business Ethics

Paper details:

What is Ethics? What are some of the ways in which ethics affects the work environment? What are some of the factors that contribute to unethical behavior and to common temptations and violations? List occurrences where unethical behavior occurs, and the outcome of those behavior; Give at least 2 examples where an organization has acted ethically or unethically.


Generate ideas. After your purpose, audience, and topic are clear in your mind, you are ready to generate ideas about your topic.

Explore your thoughts about the topic. What interests you about the topic? Do you already have information? or will you need to do research.

Brainstorm ideas. Ask yourself a series of questions about the topic to get your ideas flowing. Questions such as What? Who? Where? How? When? Why? Will help you focus on your topic.

Talk to other people. Discuss the topic with other people. If you have strong opinions on a topic, you might want to discuss the topic with someone whose views are different. If you are unfamiliar with a topic, ask an expert or talk to several people to collect information.

Read and research. Read magazine or newspaper articles, watch videotapes, or go to the library to get information.

Develop Supporting Details. Each paragraph in an essay has topic sentence and other sentences that support the topic sentence. Your outline or idea map will guide through the main points of the essay. As you get to each main point, begin a new paragraph.

There are several types of detail sentences you can write to support a topic sentence. Details may:

? be statements of facts or reasons that prove or disprove a point.

? be examples that explain or prove a main idea.

? be listed in time order, according to the order in which they occur.

? be listed in order of importance, from the most (or least) important to the least or (most) important.

? show cause and effect, how one thing causes another thing to happen.

? compare and contrast to show how things are alike or different.

? As you write paragraphs, use several types of details to support your topic sentences.

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