Business discussion

| August 14, 2017

Although not completely
related to pricing strategy, the decision of many stores to open earlier and
earlier on Black Friday, and now even on Thanksgiving day is quite
controversial, although many times when one store in a category opts to open,
others follow out of fear of losing out on early sales. This year, many stores
that opened at 8 p.m. last year are opening at 6 p.m. this year on
Thanksgiving, and K-mart is opening at 6 a.m. Thanksgiving morning. Read this
brief article from about “Black Thursday.”.com/money/3556863/thanksgiving-hours-closed-black-thursday/?xid=timefb”>
argue that it gives stores the jump on competition and allows them to increase
sales, thus preserving the solvency of the business. Others say that it is
wrong to take employees away from their families in hopes of earning more
money. From a business standpoint, do you think it strategically more wise to
open on Thursday or remain closed and promote the fact that you value your
employee’s time with their families? Personally, where do you stand on this
issue? Is it right/fair for companies to engage in Black Thursday Sales? Why or
why not? Do you/would you take part in shopping on Thanskgiving day?Dq
Christmas shopping season is upon us (Help us All). This is the time of year
that many retailers depend heavily upon for a relatively large portion of
annual sales. A key component of how well a store does during this season is
tied to pricing strategy–customers are actively shopping for the best deal.
in your book product-line pricing strategies, promotional pricing strategies,
and psychological pricing strategies. What examples have you seen in the past
during the Christmas shopping season, or what news can you find about this
year’s pricing strategies of retailers during this season. Look for specific
examples of captive pricing, bundle pricing, prestige pricing, price leaders,
and so on, and discuss them here.
Q3What examples of differential pricing (and which example of
differential specifically–negotiated, secondary-market, periodic discounting,
random discounting) can you think of? Do you think differential pricing is a
good strategy? Why or why not?

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