Business and Military strategy

| June 13, 2018

We have a very large military population of both students and instructors. Quite a few of you may be active duty or retired; perhaps you just left the military after actively serving.There is a very strong relationship between business strategy and military strategy. As your textbook states on page 19, terms such as “objectives, mission, strengths, and weaknesses were first used in a military setting. In fact, the word strategy originates from the Greek word strategos (stratus – the army and ago – to lead).Although business deals with competition and the military deals with conflict, both are based on competitive advantage. Both capitalize on strengths and opportunities and minimize weaknesses and threats. Both deal with change and the element of surprise.The similarities between military and business strategy can be seen in Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and in the Comprehensive Strategic Management Model. Excerpts from Sun Tzu’s writings are found on page 20 of your textbook and more in depth on the website: (Links to an external site.) The Comprehensive Strategic-Management Model is located in Chapter 9, page 287, of your textbook.In this last discussion forum, let’s map the differences and the similarities between military and business strategy. In your post, identify one point that is similar or different. Explain how or why these similarities or differences occur. Evaluate how you might use or have used this information in your career path.***One paragraph between 4-10 sentences is just fine. I am a military wife and I am studying Business Administration.****

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