BUSINESS A 3200 – Grading Criteria – Rubric Papers and Discussion

| April 14, 2018

Grading Criteria –RubricPapers andDiscussionExcellentCommits to learningand followsinstructions. The classis enhanced by thisperson’s input andoutput. Assumption:Earmark of anoutstandingprofessional.GoodComplies withinstructions and is anadditive member ofthe class.Assumption: Agrowing professional.PoorFails to followinstructions andwould not be missedif not in the class.Assumption: Notprofessional.Demonstration ofaccurateunderstanding of case(selected nonprofitorganization)Application of ideasfrom course materials(proper in-text citingfrom the reading,accurate usage ofterms)Argumentbehind/justificationfor positions (Able todescribe the status ofthe organization andjustify your ideas)Writing quality(engaging, concise,clear, grammaticallycorrect, lack ofspelling errors)Use of headings,tables, bullets, figuresand other devices forefficiency andemphasisAdapted from M. Tschirhart

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