| September 13, 2020

Assignment Instructions
Review Lesson 1 and section 1.5 The Three Threads in Chapter 1 of  Small Business Management in the 21st Century found at:
In a well thought out PowerPoint presentation, discuss the impact of e-commerce and digital technology for small business.  How can the latest technologies be integrated into small business?

Develop a formal 8-10 slide presentation
Your presentation should include an Agenda slide and a References slide.
Include speaker notes to further the content of your presentation in lieu of putting all your information on each slide OR record a video of your presentation and include the link for viewing.
Follow APA format for structure of your references. Support your essay with 3 credible, academic references beyond the course materials.  Please note Wikipedia, Investopedia and similar general websites are not credible academic references.

Grading Rubric:
Please review the rubric provided for details on how this assignment will be evaluated.

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