BUSI 1013 -A Toronto restaurant group uses a questionnaire to obtain customer satisfaction data at

| August 31, 2017

BUSI 1013 Case Assignment 2016
A Toronto restaurant group uses a questionnaire to obtain customer satisfaction data at all of its restaurants. Customers are asked to rate food quality and service in five factors: variety of food available, freshness of food, price, attentiveness, and overall experience. A seven-point scale, from 1 to 7, is used for the rating (1=poor, 7=excellent). The customers are also asked about their gender and whether their visit was for the first time (Yes or No). (8 Points)
Which of the variables are quantitative?
Which of the variables are categorical?
What scale of measurement was used in the rating of the five factors?
What scale of measurement was used for the data on gender?
Canadian Business magazine conducted a reader survey on its recent participation in an online magazine subscription service. A total of 806 subscribers were selected randomly from its subscriber base of over 150,000. Part of the survey was on the demographics of the subscribers such as age and household income (categorized as less than 60K, 60-90K, 90-120K, and over 120K). (8 Points)
What is the population of interest in this survey?
What could be used as a sampling frame (a frame for sampling)?
Did this survey involve cross-sectional or time series data?
In this survey, is household income a categorical or quantitative variable?
You are asked to select 10 items randomly from an inventory list of 1289 items. Items in this list have already been labelled 1 to 1289. Use the Random Numbers table (could be found in the text) to identify the 10 items that would be selected to form the required simple random sample. Please describe the process used. (2 Points)
Identify which of the following situations involve sampling from a finite population and which involve sampling from infinite populations: (8 Points)
Obtain a sample of personal banking customers for a major Canadian bank
Obtain a sample of smartphones produced at an assembly line
Obtain a sample of inbound customer service calls for the call centre of a large telecommunication company
Obtain a sample of accounts receivable records for a mid-size trading company
A market research firm is asked to conduct a survey in Ontario to find out the average number of times Ontario drivers used a cell phone while driving last month. For sampling purposes, a list (with the telephone number and the city of residence) of residents in the province who have a driver’s license will be provided by provincial government. (14 Points)
What is the target population?
Name a parameter that the study is interested in?
Imagine the province is divided into 5 regions based on the major cities. If the telephone survey is to be conducted and results are to be tabulated for Ontario overall as well as by region, what probability sampling method should be used? Justify your answer in a couple of sentences.
Suggest a question for the survey that addresses the research question. Include the options that the respondents could choose from.
Name the variable that you are gathering data for in d).
What is the scale of measurement of the variable in d)
What type of variable is it?
You have just been promoted to the position of Director of Marketing of OYCU, one of the large credit unions in Ontario. As your first assignment, you have been given the job of revamping the Member Service function at the branches – customers at the credit union are called members. Your predecessor had started the work through a pilot study at a number of branches with a follow-up market research study to assess the effectiveness of the pilot.
Essentially, the pilot involves the establishment of the Personal Financial Well-Being Advisor (PFWA) concept. PFWA were selected on the basis of professional qualification such as CFP, superior performance, and years of experience with the OYCU. They were then assigned to serve exclusively a group of active members at these branches. Through this highly personalized service offering, it is expected that banking relationship with these members will be deepened resulting in increases of personal deposits and/or loans from them.

Details of the study are as follows:

A group of members from five branches (within two regions) were selected randomly and invited to participate in the pilot.
Personal deposit and loan balances from these members were extracted from the credit union’s banking system as they entered the pilot study.
After these members were involved in the pilot for six months, OYCU went back to the systems and extracted the data on their deposit and loan balances.
A follow-up survey was also conducted to ask members involved their experiences with the change. As part of the survey, a number of variables were recorded and then appended to the extracted deposit and loan file.
The attached Excel workbook, BUSI1013-Case.xls, contains the data collected from the market research study as well as data extracted from the deposit and loan systems. Answer the following questions using this data set: (10 Points)

What would be the population of interest for this study?
What method of sampling was used in this study?
What is the sample size?
How many variables are in the data set?
Which of the variables are categorical?

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