BUS MGT309C The fundamental functions of management are motivating

| June 14, 2018

1. The fundamental functions of management are motivating, controlling, organizing and planning.TrueFalse2. Management is about responsibility, results, and relationships. True False3. Which of the following are not examples of external factors affecting organizations? a.organizational culture b.social trends c.political/legal/regulatory d.the economy all of the above4. Which of the following are not challenges of globalization? a.different dialects of the same language b.socialism c.outsourcing d.parochialism e.these are all global challenges5. The belief that management has social responsibility beyond profitability is a.social obligation b.social responsiveness c.social responsibility d.socioeconomic view c.organizational citizenship6. Spirituality is best left out of the workplace. True False7. Sharing negative information and learning from strategic mistakes is part of a.strategic flexibility b.short-term planning c.ethical empowerment d.organizational life cycle e.none of the above8. Goals are subsets of vision. True False9. Which theory of management introduced the importance of bureaucracy? a.scientific management theory b.bureaucracy theory c.organizational behavior theory d.formalization theory e.none of the above10. Planning is ineffective for constantly changing environments. True False11. More problem solving fails due to lack of ______ more than anything else. a.problem identification b.resources c.engagement d.a clear plan e.ownership policy12. The idea that employees should only have one boss is called a.unity of direction b.unity of command c.scalar chain d.project management e.division of work f.chain-of-command13. The decision-making bias that most aptly describes using recent events to make a decision is a.recency bias b.availability bias c.selective perception bias d.immediate gratification bias e.hindsight bias

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