BUS 224 Unit 2 Assignment 2015 Paper

| September 29, 2018

1. Benchmarking is an extremely useful business tool that helps organizations to staycompetitive. Explain what benchmarking means. How can benchmarking be used to anticipatechange?2. Consider your own industry/company. What company, in your opinion, sets the benchmark?Justify your answer.3. Customers are an excellent source of information. Customers help you determine yourstrengths and weaknesses; customers tell you what they value about your organization.Customers help you anticipate the need for change. According to your textbook, there are sixmethods for collecting feedback from customers. What three methods would you use if you wereconducting a customer value analysis (CVA)? Be sure you explain how you would use thesemethods and what you would expect to learn.4. What sort of information about your products and services might you gain from warrantyrecords and customer service records? How would you use this information?5. Success is our Biggest Enemy! (adapted from Effective Change, page 97) Here is a scenariofor discussion:"You won’t believe what I heard our CEO say during the weekly staff meeting thismorning," said Mavis Parsons who took the minutes for the meeting. Parsons is theexecutive secretary to the CEO of TDI, Inc. She is talking on the phone with MelbaMatthews, who works in the engineering department."What did he say?" asked Matthews."Essentially, he said that all the success we have had over the last 10 years is killing us,"said Parsons."Are you sure you heard right?" asked Matthews. "How can our success be bad? It’sbeen good for me. I’m making more money than I ever thought I would.""So am I," responded Parsons. "They were talking about some big change the CEOwants to make, and I heard him say that success has become our biggest enemy. In fact,he got pretty upset and told our vice presidents that half of them are complacent and theother half is arrogant."What do you think the CEO meant when he said, "Success has become our biggest enemy?"What must be happening in his company for him to make such a statement?6. Using the scenario in #5, what should the CEO do to overcome arrogance and complacency inthe company and start his plan for change?7. You want to put together a change leadership team that will help you implement a major planfor change. Before you enlist the people you want for your team, you should determine whatduties this team will perform and what types of skills and abilities are required.Identify and describe your plan for change. Describe what your team will do. Include how this team isto take ownership of the change initiative.8. Refer to #7. You want to place a posting for your change leadership team. Write a brief jobdescription for your team members.9. Consider your place of work. If you do not work, consider where a close friend or relativeworks. Describe the leadership in this company. What role does senior level management take?Are there leaders other than senior level management? What are their roles? Why do youconsider these employees to be leaders? How could the leadership in this company improve?10.Finding the right people, creating trust, and developing a common goal are importantsteps in creating a change leadership team. Explain the processes you would use in performingeach of these three steps.

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