Building a Management Resource Library Assignment

| March 29, 2017

Building a Management Resource Library Assignment

This assignment requires you to research, critcally assess, and recommend a set of management references that would be valuable as professional resources.

You are to prepare and submit a paper (using Microsoft Word or compatible word processing software) with the following sections documenting your research and written communication skills:

Section #1 – Introduction
Open your paper for this assignment with a discussion of the process that you followed in identifying your resources, and the criteria you used to make your selections. You might also add a comment or two on how you see the list being valuable as a future professional resource.

Section #2- Management Websites

1. Identify at least ten Management websites that could serve in a personal/professional bookmark library. Within your paper, you must provide a link to the website so that I can easily visit it to see what you have chosen.
2. Write a paragraph describing the information, features, and services available on each site.

Section #3- Management Academic Journals
1. Identify at least five academic Management resources and journals that are typically accessed from the library. If you have any question about journals, do a quick Google search on “Academic Journals on Management”. You’ll get a nice response that you can then follow-up with the UofM library or a library of your choice.
2. Write a paragraph describing the information, features and services available from each resource.

Section #4- Wrap-up and Conclusion
How you end the paper is also important. Give a recap of what your impression is of the quality of resources available and suggest (with reasons) the top two references you examinied during your work in preparing the paper.

Paper Format – Please use single spacing when preparing your paper with double spaces between paragraphs. I expect an 11 or 12 point font, nothing larger, and nothing smaller.

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