Briefly summarize client?s presenting complaints, symptoms, and history (medical, surgical, family, and other relevant information).

| March 13, 2016

ase Study Criteria for content (address all items below):

1. Briefly summarize client?s presenting complaints, symptoms, and history (medical, surgical, family, and other relevant information). 28 week preterm baby born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and learned that he also had congenital immune deficiency syndrome
2. Address epidemiology including incidence and prevalence for the disease process.
3. Pathophysiology: This should be the focus of the paper.
a. Discuss pathophysiology systematically beginning with the functional unit of the disease process (cellular level) to the systemic level (organ). Explore in detail.
b. Incorporate homeostasis, stress, compensation, and adaptation in discussion.
c. Incorporate any genetic component (remember that many disease processes including chronic conditions are now found to have some heritability).
4. Discuss diagnostics (i.e., laboratory findings, procedures, etc.). If formated I will at this if I can not get information to you
5. Discuss medical/surgical treatment, including medications, treatments, etc. He has had hybrid procedure , trach and g-tube just had 2nd cath on 10-4
6. Discuss specific nursing interventions for the client based on your research.
a. Your interventions should be ?evidence-based?.
b. Include specific interventions that address your different roles: as a health care provider, educator, leader and coordinator of care (i.e. monitoring other providers? services (Physical Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Physicians, other consults) or collaborative practice. Heart surgeon does not want to do any other surgery on baby. OT/PT limited related to clinical status Continued septic work-ups, class 2 DNR, parents Spanish speaking only. Had planned on withdrawing support when infants co2 was 196 and max vent support. Parents seen tongue move and stated that ?baby wants to live? currently vented,tube feeds, fixed pupils.
c. Do not forget specific health promotion and preventive interventions for your case.
d. Address psychosociocultural considerations, including ethico-legal and moral issues specific to your client. Illegal parents , no jobs, and no housing, hospital and heart center are providing support and meals

PART II: This is another important focus of the paper.
1. Literature search: Based on your patient?s case, complete a literature search to identify at least 3 current (current means no older than 5 years) professional journal articles (from reputable sources) on your disease process and summarize these articles.
2. Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG):
a. Identify a current evidence-based CPG for standard of care related to your patient?s disease process (i.e., ATP III guidelines for high cholesterol, JNC8 for hypertension). You can search the National Guideline Clearinghouse for example or reputable organizations that have standard of care guidelines related to your patient?s case.
b. Critique your current guideline and identify the major strengths of the guideline in relation to your patient and the disease process. Identify what you would do differently and why.

PAY ATTENTION TO A FEW IMPORTANT TIPS (based on common errors from previous papers):
1. Emphasize content on the important foci of this exam paper as noted above. For example, Part I-item 3 is a major focus of this paper, while Part I-items 4 to 6 are required but are not the emphasis.
2. Use various levels of headings and subheadings to facilitate organization of content and flow of ideas (e.g., Part I, Part II, epidemiology, pathophysiology, etc.,)
3. Use direct quotations to a bare minimum, it is always best to paraphrase.
4. Do proper in-text citations and review your reference list to ensure you are doing it correctly based on APA formatting. Ensure that when you reference using ?Retrieved from,? that this site(s) is(are) accessible.
5. I cannot stress this enough: review and use correct APA.
6. Lastly, please review your paper, correct your grammar, and edit your writing.

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