Briefly describe cost-benefit analysis

| November 24, 2016
    1. Briefly describe cost-benefit analysis. Demonstrate understanding by applying the concept to an assessment of an immunization program. (Points : 20)

    2. Describe a national model of universal healthcare coverage. Compare the model’s methods of funding for healthcare in the United States. Identify which one you think is best by discussing access and quality detail. (Points : 20)

    3. Federal policy created Medicare and Medicaid. Neither of these policies would be a reality if not for which of the following? (Points :10)

    Managed Care Act

    Universal Coverage

    Social Security Act

    Relevant tax laws

    Health and Human Services Department

    4. You are asked to speak at a conference on population health (as a national system). Most have not heard of the concept. Provide the key points that will be in your presentation; begin with defining the output, various key inputs, and the economics and policy considerations relevant to achieving (production)a population health system.

    (Points : 40)

    5. Identify the three primary methods of funding (direct pay and reimbursement) healthcare in the United States. Describe (in detail) the projected impact a government-operated and -funded insurance option would have on the identified methods of payment. Discuss the likely impact (defend your views) this change will have on the existing payment methods. Include the following: the impact this change will have on the overall cost of healthcare (and why), the impact the change will likely have on taxpayers, the likely impact the change will have on those who presently do not have insurance coverage, and the impact the change will have on those who have insurance coverge. (Points : 40)

    6. You have been asked to lecture healthcare management students on the role and value of government regulations in healthcare. You have been asked to focus on the objectives of regulation by discussing the adverse impact monopolies have in healthcare. Key points for the lecture are the problems with conventional supply and demand laws and the role of regulatory policy.

    (Points : 40)

    7. Explain why the thee task of economics are connected to the concept of production. Next, describe how this understanding applies to healthcare; provide one example to demonstrate your point. (Points : 40)

    8. You work for a freshman congressman who is interested in healthcare. He wants a briefing paper on the role of nonprofit healthcare delivery organizations;specifically, how to make them more profecient and efficient. Your briefing should begin with discussion of the role of nonprofit organizations, their costs to operate, how to improve their efficiency, and how to integrate them with profit healthcare organizations that will enhance efficiency and effectiveness of both. (Points : 40)

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