Braitenberg Vehicles Project

| October 22, 2018

I need help on this assignment as I haven’t got the time as I have others!The project requirements consist of several parts as detailed below. I have arranged these more or less in order of increasing difficulty, so I suggest you work through them in order.1. Simplify the default set of sources, vehicles and barriers presented to the user at startup to be just one source, one vehicle and one barrier; the source and barrier should be positioned so that the vehicle interacts with them in an interesting way, e.g., it orbits the source until it hits the barrier at which point it orbits in the other direction.2. Change the set of vehicles listed in the “Add Vehicle” dropdown JComboBox to match those listed in Braitenberg’s book, and update the help documentation to explain what these vehicles do. It should be possible to add instances of vehicle types 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b and 3c from Braitenberg’s book, and each vehicle type should be a different colour. This will involve writing a new class for each vehicle type, but these should be a straightforward extension of the SimpleVehicle class or one of its subclasses.3. Modify the drawing of a vehicle with a source attached so that it is clear that it has a source attached. For example, you could add a yellow shape to the rear of the vehicle to show that it has a light attached and a red shape to show that it has a heat source attached. It should be possible to attach a source to any vehicle type as at present.4. Extend the editing of vehicles to allow editing of the weight (importance) of a sensor in determining the motion of the vehicle.You should also note any bugs you fixed as part of implementing the requirements above (this is important!).The source files are in the src folder, and the documentation of the files are in the documentation folder.

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