‘brain child’ of an individual

| June 4, 2016

Although an entrepreneurial venture is often the ‘brain child’ of an individual or group of individuals, launching a new venture usually requires outside support. Small businesses require startup funds from lending institutions, family and friends. The successful launch of a new product, service or business process within a large corporation requires the support of management and line staff. Introducing a new idea to a service organization, school or community group can be more successful when key people in the organization ‘buy in’ to the concept. Convincing others to support your idea requires persuasive communication skills. Persuading others that your venture will be successful requires that you have a unique idea, and that you have researched its feasibility. Successful persuasion also depends on convincing others that the project’s goals can be accomplished using a reasonable amount of resources. The project in the course involves working in a team to develop a business idea and produce a thoroughly researched, well written, and flawlessly presented Business Proposal. The Proposal will contain the following information:Business description ?Mission/vision statement ?Market analysis ?Competitive analysis

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